Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creative Writing Assignment #3, April 2012

So this week I'm supposed to write about anything at all for 7-10 mnutes.  That's like putting the designer in the white room on my favotire cable channel, HGTV.  Now what?  No editing, don't stop to think...but that makes a little crazy because i know i have spelling and punctuation errors and my capitaliziation is all wrong and I'm just making run on sentences.   I have to add in some periods or something...and names that aren't capitialized?  AAARRRGGHH!!
Anyway, lets move on.  I am so enjoying the classes at my college, SWIHA in Arizona.  I'm an online student, 100% of the time, so it can be a challenge to be selfmotiveated some days. I work full-time, have four teenage boys and a husband, a dog , a duck and I'm a fulltime student-WHEW!  It's not ncessarily in that order most days-it gets switched around sometimes minuite to minute, but I am learning so much!  I feel I am on the right path finally at this point in my life and this is where the synchronicity comes in  (got that one right!).  When I'm on the right path, the right doors or windows wil open for me - i just need to be brave enough to take that opportunity and continue my journey.