Saturday, May 12, 2012

Creative Writing-May 12, 2012

Reflections-This week I was supposed to choose a publication outlet, write the article and submit it for review...I must admit this was much tougher than I thought it would be!  I'm thinking I wanted to start out too big, because I really would have liked to submit an article to a magazine.  I really love publications such as Mother Earth News or The Herb Companion, but I'm still not quite sure how to do that.  Their websites don't make it easy, but I guess that's for a reason...I'm pretty determined, so I'll probably continue to look for a way to do that.  I actually find an online submission site called ArticleOnlineDirectory and submitted my article to that site.  I was a little nervous, because I'm not sure what kind of reaction I will receive once it's posted and people start making comments.  I feel better now that I've done it, but until I see some feedback on that first submission, I can't honestly say that I will do it again...we'll just wait and see.

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