Monday, April 16, 2012

Creative Writing: April, 2012

Today I behold the silk pink rose on my desk.  It is artfully arranged with lovely green ivy in a small concrete urn and is there to inspire me.  Pink roses are my favorite flower and although the fragrance of a fresh rose is beauty, calm and peace all bundled together perfectly, the silk rose will never fade or wither.  When I wonder about the story of the silk rose, I question where it came from originally.  I found it in a thrift store, all alone, one beautifully formed, fully blossomed beauty without a companion or home.  I've always felt objects speak to me and this silk rose definitely did; it was a song, simple yet sweet that inspired me to pick up this rose and carry it with me throughout the store as I continued to shop.  When I asked the clerk about it, that it was just a bud and no others were to be found, she said, "Oh, just take it-there's no charge."  The rose and I belong together now, and the story of its past is just that-past.  What matters now is the future and how we shall inspire each other.  If I were to imagine it sitting next to a real pink rose of exquisite beauty, I believe it would think that the other rose is definitely beautiful, but fragile; capable of bringing great joy to those who look upon it, but unable to sustain that joy, as the beauty would fade and inspiration with it.  At first, the comparison may weaken the will of the silk rose, but as it realizes that it is stronger than the fresh rose, it will no longer feel threatened by the other rose, but rejoice in its own ability to remain strong and true, despite the ravages of time and environment. For even thought this silk rose can't speak, it still tells me that appearances can be deceiving; it may look fragile and fleeting, but the strength and beauty of this rose remain long after hardships come and go, because it was inside the rose all along.

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